Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jeltje Fanoy #84 loud BBQ aprons

but tea towels aren't dumb

suds-soaked and, now,
sun-soaked, on the line

BLUE AND WHITE chequered,
a favourite Dutch market ware,
Ulster warriors from medieval times,
my late mother's, but from whom,
and can you eat all those
wild mushrooms,
on Irish linen,
my niece brought back
England's "woodland life",
blue wrens, and it's always
the year 2000, in Hall's Gap,
oranges ON THE MURRAY,
Egyptian cotton, grown in
the Nile Della,
mimicking traditional tiles,
for Christmas, made in China,
from a $2 shop,
two upside-down koalas,
cuddling on a branch,
I can only see their ears, from here,

slatted blinds, my lounge room wall

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