Tuesday, November 1, 2016

John Bennett #1 - November musings

birds not pets

‘Australia has provided the world with a remarkable range of pets, including budgerigars, cockatiels and other parrots, various finches, bearded dragons, bluetongue lizards and even the spiny leaf insect (Extatosoma tiaratum).’ Tim Low in this morning’s Australian Geographic ezine.

Birds in cages !!  Last week out west . . .

Silk scarves flying as the sun slips, jewelled wings
spinning colour, a Turquoise Parrot beating overhead,
brighter than Rainbow Bee-eaters, Rainbow Lorikeets

or rainbow. Brilliant blue wings charged by electric
current, golden belly, red flash and green shimmer
reaching the limit of colour. I felt naked.

And hundreds of Musk Lorikeets (a rarity here in Valla, we get Rainbows and Scaly-breasted). Here are two:


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