Saturday, November 5, 2016

John Bennett #5 - Jagun bush

Jagun Bush, Oyster Creek

Just off track
footsteps, no thud,
no bounce, not a roo,
too measured.

Too loud for Pittas, Brush
Turkeys or Logrunners,
too steady for goannas.

The steps come closer
splintering the leaf litter.

Crouching in debris
I finger my camera
and stare at the strangle
of stems, roots, foliage,
filaments of forest
outside night
but ensnaring shadows.

Hearing nothing
I tread further
deliciously uncertain
 . . . nothing . . .
as if the earth
was dancing

voice muted.

A Walk to the brilliance of Oyster Lagoon via the creek, two goannas, an antechinus, Swamp Wallaby, Eastern Greys and a Humpback Whale plus various birds, such as a dishevelled Yellow Thornbill, waiting for the sun to paint on its bright yellow adult plumage . . . and footsteps.


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