Thursday, November 10, 2016

Katherine Stuart Today #10

I'm heavy today
like the air is water
or some more viscous, vicious fluid

did I sleep too deeply
woken too quickly?

Or has the full import
of this fearful fear

beginning its tidal wave
of destruction


Is it grief
for the vulnerable?

it is not despair!


  1. Katherine, yes it's definitely a heaviness that we've woken up to today. Love the first stanza particularly - as well as the sentiments running throughout the piece. Great stuff!

  2. I am not convinced by the rest of the poem that the last line rings true! But the second last catches the nub, How will he treat minorities? How will Trump re-industrialise Ohio? (and give work to 95M unemployed elsewhere. And what about the environment, so vulnerable itself.

    1. Very apt observation John! I will not despair. But how tribal we are becoming...

  3. I love viscous and vicious there together....I'm glad it isn't despair we're feeling....


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