Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 120 the franchise men

the franchise men

there you are
 the birth
of this fourth one
of your children

the last baby
you don’t see
under 9 months older
 than this girl
here   the mothers

the same words   that were spoken
then    hang around the wards

same wards
same town
same nurses
watching over the day

today she came to be
this girl   let her live and
let her leave it
far behind  let her
 fly away to safer lands
where fathers play they

stay with children love them
no matter what   you say
  so the group sex was off the
it made you sour    then

 this piece of the triangle
new minted mother
best get the teddy on
or little girl
here   may

overlap again

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