Friday, November 4, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 122 Fairy Bread of Daytime

Fairy bread of Daytime

The nests in the palms are back    the birds
I see nest up
in the tallest palm    and Max
is hectoring
always at me

throw catch return
hauled up on his rope a doggy fish
out of the deeps of our domestication
loving rope toys

watch the noisy miners
walk the planks of palm
fronds shifting underfoot
rackety rackety  this year they have
a space station for the sky

Far Point station
Star Trek fans just admit it
low brow moments hit us anywhere
not like Elvis came back from the dead
or you linked it with
rare birds

I just imagine what I cannot see
a central axis splendid with
 caravan of birds nests eggs  broody henning

Max ankle high harries me
the minors fall regular as
time balls
lead drops plumb bobs
flat to earth
it seems
each time pulling up

never stops being
the fascination

the cat she’s sitting
in the roast chicken position
tucked up basting with the
knowledge she’s got paws in
both camps   bringing down
sky tucker   nibbling the kibble

my land continues
to be made of
a thin skein
up into webs of
uneasy bargains

every day I eat my oats
wait to find the
grip hold on for
dear life

our minds are
always off somewhere
spreading the manure and
growing peas
podding memories
into enamel dishes
coating up wasabi peas while we
remember Nanna
and the day she said
slamming down her cup
drop another bloody bomb on them
after what they done to us

because someone mentioned

red lipstick prints on fine bone China
never seen again that cup and technology
random remnant recollection
the Pride of Erin dancing
prancing memory

most days
I navigate with hands
seek to plait it all together
the hair shirt
thrown over
chain link fence
to dry out all the salt
 rinsed clear of
tears the ocean waves my endless sweat

from doing the high horsie
lifting up that damn lame leg
stuck with it
under the one good hip
 it is meant to be a good day

this day today
and I didn’t know
do now with you

(see I am my own time lord
 I am the equator
 I am Ground Zero
I am stuck with it)

what I didn’t know I
would meet a three-legged dog
find a table made just for holding four drinks
get some pots that Jade down the road
left out for people here to take

the fairybread of daytime
always changing colours
consistency it’sconsistent
to a key key of me
if any sense there is to see
in that.


  1. too short ;) This is a tour de force.

  2. Thanks Efi. I am going to read it tonight I think. I have been sort of simmering and huffling and you know then you turn a corner. One hopes. x

  3. i see a fairybread book cover
    i see the hundreds and i see the thousands


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