Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 127 Toad.


unknown    the bad news sat
toad brown   warty on the
sill    sucking at the Dow Jones
for sustenance  for shits n giggles

I am reminded
I am reminded

of when
Paul Harragon retired
did his knee in    after many
years of footy  crashing up to
big men on the field

we here up in home town
we here
pulled over to the kerb
and wept

we wept
at the news
the Chief’s knee all
 came on so sudden    all was lost     it
was remarkable

the sudden light
the tragedy had us    see his
light illuminated    darkness
there in wait
beyond the smallness of the day
the normal timbre of our

we see today
the knee again
the knee we see

as Toad
repeating     full of bluster
all we know to fear

makes news


  1. this is a great way to go with the thing
    the local-global connection is the strength of this ...
    probably an interesting model for other purposes as well

  2. It reminded me of when Diana Spencer died and people channelled all their personal fears through the tropes of the large demonic/angelic tales. We do it all the time.


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