Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kit Kelen #313 - the dark

the dark

is deep

and so much folded
you might lose your way

it's music
that we're into


it idles after
with a loping lilt

shut eyes
and you expect

but there's more to it
than that

so beautiful
and all we make of

far from city light

is it fearful?

has my smell
and it reminds me

tear at it
pitch in

I fall feet first
beyond the stars

am I the dark's
worst fear?

ear to the ground
to the wall

the dark is all around
a touch

what I don't know
comes after me

I feel the hot breath
back of neck

that's the journey

to silence
of the eye at least

and I absent myself

I witness
the unwritten

though there's
some script under scratched

and every night I dream

so practised
I am with this dark
I get by tooth and claw

where I go to's
where I'm from

won't you come
with me?


  1. Love this one too...and I have a drawing that may work with it. i'll post tomorrow. it's called Man of the Cosmos


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