Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kit Kelen #311 - so damned rude

so rude
I have a preposition for you

what I'm made of
where I'm from
what I'm up for now

imagine my beginnings
no! imagine yours!
scratch that
for too much information

imagine you and me, babe
making it, making... life – so rude
imagine everybody at it
and they become younger and more beautiful
with every lick and riff of love

and even if there's no result
(tricky little buggers!)

imagine getting this sort of thing started
it's hard to see no one being offended
(the hitting on, I mean)
but people have got over that
that's how we got to be here

by chat up
and by come across
as for instance feeling up
and there was getting into pants
rub up
and mess about

they got it on
getting it up
getting it off
getting it in
getting on top of the thing
giving it a little twist
getting right into it
going round and about
sometimes there was just getting it over with
(England in our thoughts)
but generally
giving it some back and forth
and up and down
going at it really
really going for it
cherry on the top
some had the hammer and the tongs
there was tooth and nail at times
most preferred a milder method

and after there was by pillow propped
or end of bed bear up
every animal sad since

until that question pops
up for it again?
reach out for
reel in
ramp it up
at it then up and
so on and so forth

mostly it's been making it up as they go along
though the plot is strikingly familiar

it could go on 
I could too
it does
I do
you could get into a rhythm
just talking about the thing

and these are not isolated instances
far from it
it's happening right now
even as I type these words

next door, overhead, across the border
mile high and dungeon deep
birds do it, bees do it

it's universal and it's cosmic
just think of it as the Big Bang

think of this as the beginning of everything
it's highly personal

and it's so damned rude

that's what I like best


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