Monday, November 7, 2016

Kit Kelen #312 - fearful abstraction

fearful abstraction

I am very small
so brief

hear the heart
bend down to listen

hear the heart
it beats

have I got enough?
will I find a way?

some days afraid
I name the thing

some days laughter
sometimes sing

and follow
drift from the score

the wind picks up
I take a wave

I am from the past
as well

it's where
I learned the words

and here I am
just this today

grief for the gone
is my first hope

hear the heart
it beats

feel for
poor fellow everywhere


do you hear me?
can you see?

look for me
I'm gone

gone to the future
won't be back

haven't you
come with me?

without a song
no feet to find

no way to go
it's the story tells

I'm the gesture
I'm the change

I am very small
so brief


  1. great...! I'm reminded of my partner talking about the blackbirds in our backyard... birds have such tiny hearts, but what a big voice!


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