Monday, November 14, 2016

Kit Kelen #319 - tae mong --- for Loren Goodman and Dan Disney

tae mong
(womb dreaming)

for Loren Goodman and Dan Disney 

all of us were dreamt to be

that dream's like a love letter

how else a hilltop of stars up?
aren't you there?
you touch to be
rush towards and falling

in dreams things can go on forever
there is no fixed extent
nor is time ever where we left it

it's like a ladder you can't tell
or climbing, it's a tree

you wonder at the world
and whether
over the falls
becoming we are
the breeze is all our hair

our dreaming brings
a world about
we have a womb in mind

the image
and no meaning yet

and when we watch the dream
we sing
not a word is said

it's the heart-mind aching

do other organs dream as well?
are there births to them?

no shadows where there is no sun
colour turned down till it's gone

that dream's is our love letter

we all were dreamt to be 



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