Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kit Kelen #320 - the downlookers (on the MTRo, HK)

the downlookers

(on the MTRo)

they speak to an oblong box
held to the ear, to the mouth

and yet among eyes down
there sometimes will be those to catch

what is it they see through to
under the low growl?

that there is a sky to climb above?
you can't see from here

unless you look to picture
but anything is pictured

look in the bright of the oblong box
you could be anywhere

they see an instant through the heart
then back to their love bent

each neck as if a weight depended
and mouth to ear touch, touch

all of us in an oblong box
a series sliding under

the city, under the sky
do you see me?

is my heart heard
under the endless up?

the world has always ended here
as we will each in oblong box

hope that a tear might touch
that ears and lips might bend to each

just one last moment of attention
might I have yours

just in these lines?
when the time comes

if it's not too much trouble
please see that I am earth or ash

I don't want an oblong box


  1. I guess in HK they live in oblong boxes too

  2. ah to be free of oblongs... what a good old fashion word is oblong and its applications, finally
    we rest in a box.
    Ash does seem more suited to the spirit.
    Tanx KK a really provocative piece.


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