Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kit Kelen #322 - correct


he really doesn't mean what he says
he just comes out with these things


he's not trying to offend anyone
just a little set in his ways

please don't pay any attention
he wasn't referring to you

you're not one of that kind
it's not all about you

some people have too thin a skin
some people can't take a joke

it's creeping – this correctness
like some people know how

not to offend
like the rest of us are fools

we just tell is how it is
we just say the truth

it's the first thing
that comes into your head

boong and nigger
poof and yid

don't they see themselves
for what they are?

they're all too sensitive by half
can't they take it?

we don't mean anything by it
I'm just saying

and then there's one of us
so sour – calls us out for just words

(one of us – that gets my goat)
let's call them out

for – arrogance, is it?
for thinking they know it all

there's too much history in some
it's like they know how words must mean

what's wrong with a little lynching?
it's too good for them!

you feel dumb
they talk down to you

with knowing what you are
to say just what we all say

everyone says
what everyone knows

it needn't be behind their backs
I call a spade a spade

how useless the disabled are
that's exactly what!

and let's all laugh at mental illness
isn't it funny the way a girl throws!

the other tribes are jungle dark
you simply cannot trust those monkeys

we know they're dirty, dangerous
we don't mean to offend

we know about the baby's blood
know all about their vile disease

and worst of all are turban-heads
saw yours off as soon as blink

their slaves are women
they won't drink

I know what I know
and we'll show them

who's right and wrong
it's like my daddy said to me

once wogs were far away
but they're next door now, these hoardes

so many to a room, and mean
and once an x always an x

and no, I don't know y
never the twain shall

I have a secret ballot
you won't hear a peep out of me


  1. It's true....this is what's being're almost too good at it, Kit!


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