Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kit Kelen #324 - hypothetically speaking

hypothetically speaking

it was without thinking, really
it was by accident

at least
it was not what we'd call 'on purpose'

result of unforeseen circumstances
(a concatenation, is that what they say?)
anyway, no one could have predicted it
no one could have intended the outcome

it happened the way these things do
like the weather or the stock market
like any 'act of God'
who can tell –
a moment's inattention...

one thing leads to another
things get out of control
out of hand

the toys
it had a lot to do with them
really just the fact that they were there
lying about, to trip over

they should never have been left unsupervised
if an adult had been there...

you might say a proper fence would have helped
but fences can make things worse
and in any case, in fact, there was already a barrier
and more than one

if just one reasonable, responsible person
had been on hand
if someone had thought the thing through

if they just hadn't worked themselves up so far
was it a windy day?
was the moon full?

were they just too full of themselves?
if the mother had had a say
or even somebody else's mother

if they had only listened
listened just for a moment

if only they had listened to reason
or even to each other

if they could have looked into each other's eyes
just thought for a moment
'so it's like that for them'

if they'd have just seen how
anything's better

if after if
but it all comes to this

had things been just a little different
then perhaps there would have been
no war


  1. So true Kit and an aweful mistake.
    Did you see the tube of the single Irish senator calling out the Trump thing?
    The only one I've seen so far.

  2. nope, please post the link, Jeffree

  3. Lord, but the thing
    all comes crashing
    down and the speaker
    is the survivor.

  4. The anthropic at the human and then state scale, beautifully worked

  5. see passionate speech regarding the (his) government's reaction to Trump's election
    Aodhán Ó Ríordáin is an Irish Labour Party Senator. He was elected as a Teachta Dála for the Dublin North–Central constituency in 2011


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