Monday, November 21, 2016

Kit Kelen #326 - name the parts

name the parts

old melodies sung in faint memories are revived
– Tanikawa Shuntaro

the wordlessness
of other planets
is something I believe in
though there is no burden of proof

we call the parts of day by name
but they would come anyway

imagine a planet like the new year's post
just so far round the sun

how solemnly we tell the temperatures there
day's length and angle of some sun
which need no longer be ours

it's these ways truth keeps up with us

as far as our own revolution is concerned
we could collect the $200 if we knew when we'd passed go
something as simple as that
could keep us out of gaol

fact is
everything nameless calls after us
it's not a taunt

forget the shoes
do I fit in my socks?
can I be settled there?

we do puppy rounds
lift legs

knowing everything lost
is somewhere in time

in those other worlds
no one freezes
there are no eggs to fry

other planets have nothing to prove
they just go round and round
and round
in all the ways
we do 



  1. Interesting work. I am ready to collect my $200.

  2. just a matter of landing on the Go square

    keep rolling them dice

    this must be a senryu

  3. love it. "everything nameless calls after us," I'd be happy with that alone :)

  4. wonderful and bitting as always!! by the way it's breakfast time here... time to fry an egg!!


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