Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kristen de Kline #26 - disappearing

the words Disappear Here
fling themselves across your windscreen
           throw their arms around you
                       flicker on an electrified billboard

a crushed bulb
quarter of a kidney functioning
a faulty globe
an irregular heartbeat

It freaks you out
                           a bit, a lot:
                                              Disappear Here

chalk silhouettes of bodies
                                            litter the asphalt
palm trees
                  shadow the highway

bodies trees bodies
         taunt, tease
                           bite the back of your neck, longingly
                                                                                      tango wildly
don't sway in the breeze
                                       don't blow in the wind

in the corridors of Ward 13A
five bodies watch out for Nurse Ratched
        sleep don't sleep
                                  call out to Sister Morphine
up the dose
up the dose

in the corridors of Ward 13A
nine bodies
                   sleep don't sleep
                                             in linen cubicles
what do you expect public hospital at least we've got a good view of the river

Gospel songs wail down the hallways
samosas smuggled in from the local Indian
can't stand the song on his ringtone
why isn't it on vibrate
dying to go home have a joint Winnie Blue cup of tea
want to throw his mobile out the window
can't stand the song
wanna go home


  1. wow, great stuff! love the pacing, the pulsing force of it, the breaks, the tension and the images

  2. Thanks Efi - glad the pulsing tension of disappearing has come across :)

  3. I love the shape of this poem, Kristen. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks Sarah - always fun to play with form and shape:)


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