Friday, November 11, 2016

Lachlan Brown #9

Organisationally Weary (dear valid user…)

and what we imagine is an office party
where stuff is getting super messy where
a tasteless gift is left on the boss’s chair
and simon paper planes that great chart he

took to thursday’s presentation (lah di
dah!) and tom’s up and punching the air
in time with karaoked miley cyrus and sar-
ah’s under the table laughing sooo hard she

can’t even cause she filled in a requisition
order for her yoga instructor and in a far-
reaching act the photocopier self-jams again

but no one cares because we misread the mission
of the wind blowing across campbelltown’s car-
yards holding aloft the arms of inflatable men

NB: This poem is a response to the following drawing, Tony Curran’s ‘Almost Missile’:

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