Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lizz Murphy - Poem 324: Lotus


Greet the break of day
I didn’t write a poem last night
Turtles swimming in the ocean
Words fallen to the bottom of the sea
Rabbits digging in the snow
I dive for pearls
Fair lady scoops up all the water 
scoop out shells
spreads it across the land
build middens from the empties
It rains on the lotus
and now it pours
the lotus blossoms
the ink runs
sends its roots deep into the mud
draws its own blooms
The wind blows to the north
I blot petals dry
to the south
blow on paper
lifts to the heavens
ink all over my hands
presses to the earth
dark smudges on my face
White cranes flash their wings
Nope - still no flashes of inspiration
the rabbits still digging in the snow
I dive and dig
as we say farewell at the end of the day
My muse sleeps on

The lines in italics are the moves in Lotus a T'ai Chi qigong form.


  1. I agree! Some lines sprint, some scatter, some smudge, some sing

  2. No inspiration, could have fooled me!

  3. In my rush I forgot to acknowledge at the time of posting that Lotus is an old T'ai Chi qigong form. Hoping that using italics for those lines at least implied that. Thanx a million for the lovely comments.


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