Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lizz Murphy - Poem 328: Open the heart (part I-III)

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Raising arms (six times)

Mt Bobbara becomes golden
blue shadow streak each rock
etched into the horizon

Open the heart (six times)

out of the old
leaves shine lime
gum blossoms are
ruby pendants

Paint the rainbow (six times each side)

evening light draws
the edges white
cockatoos separate the sky

Part the clouds (six times)

at the foot of Bobbara
a thousand trees the red tips
of new growth

Rolling arms in fixed stance

flakes of cloud keeling
into trees

Rowing the boat in the middle of the lake

you can see the water
tank for the steam trains
ironblack rustbleed
Supporting the ball in front of the shoulder

a door
am I needed

Gazing at the moon

freight train
orange rush

Turning waist and pushing palm

the old bath
what to plant

Cloud hands in horse riding stance

dandelions close
something invisible
flicks a stem

Scooping the sea & looking at the horizon

harbingers of myth
they play with our minds

Pushing the tide out

a Christmas ornament
on the neighbouring
oak tree

Flying dove spreads its wings

grey gathering
a dog barks across
the railway track

Punching in horse stance

Mt Bobbara olive
must replace that board
a horse kicked in

The flying wild goose

forgot they were in bloom
the rooster is up

The rotating firewheel

grey heron sailing by
neck scrunched

Stepping and bouncing the ball

a bird chips at air
another winds up
for a song

Balancing the chi to close

the guinea fowl
have lost their panic
graze quietly

Practising Shibashi a T’ai Chi/qigong form — with shades of Leonard Cohen (sorry I can’t remember the title of his T’ai Chi poem)


  1. Wow, Lizz, this is really beautiful. Love the tai chi lines as leaping off points and can almost see you doing it.

  2. These are so good, Lizz, that I can picture the moves.

  3. Thanx so much Susan and Rob - appreciate the feedback. It was a bit of desperation but didn't work too badly :)


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