Friday, November 18, 2016

Magdalena Ball #4: Colony Collapse

Colony Collapse

Let me remind you
in a voice entirely not my own
of our common ancestry
your stake in my chain
the pyramid you keep fighting
even as it kills you
every day

It all comes back to the dance
intelligence in figure eight
who feels pain, who loses
one hundred or more circuits
waggle and return
decoding in scent
wing-beat frequencies

I could buzz this in another direction
more familiar
than the ineffable hive
empires are fragile organisms
collapse with heat, like beeswax

invisible tendrils pulling
softly, softly
structures failing, falling
under the weight
of hunger, hatred
the wrong weather at the
wrong time

but this is by the by
for now
there is reason enough
for you to believe
that suffering is not solely a human
that you and I are bonded
in ways you will come to know

that empathy is strength
the motion of wing and thorax
a sound that fills the air, and
then is gone.


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