Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #307 Whale song

I’m singing to whales
kind of low and long
not that they can hear me necessarily
you know
all that water in the ears
and even with good projection
they are a ways away

And I don't know what genre
they prefer
country classical or jazz
I’m going alternative
come come come where I can see you
is the chorus
but I don't suppose they will

When it was
all choppy in the waves
he said there is no point looking
they’re not around today
even though he knows nothing about whales
I said just because you can’t see their spumy breaths
above the curl and crash
doesn’t mean they are not there
he said if I was a whale
which wasn't in any way scientific

doing those flukey leaps
waving at the sky
singing about the place
as alternative as can be
come where I can see you

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and sad.
    Sad when I remember
    how some tried to stop
    my search/need for beauty,
    cruel (maybe), or jealous (maybe)
    of losing me to the Other,
    or to the inhuman (they thought).


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