Monday, November 7, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #312 When not joining the nude night performance by the sea

Clothes and why we wear them
all protections let me list them
sun the destroyer
staving of ridicule
the cold puckering wind
a shivering nervousness
oh the rough rasp rocks
maintenance of dignity fiction and secrecy
maintenance of the body left far to long
what can and can’t be revealed
what you can and can’t control

Maybe it is uptight not to join such a gentle bacchanal
but it’s just that I always stand back from the edges of my eyes
in the shadow to watch and think
and with no place to keep my poems
how they would blow about
and lie for long seconds on the surface before sinking

If I was to walk my skin out into the night
It would not be on the rock sharp edge
or within reach of the wave strike
or with strangers cut half or full
and how you must look them only in the eye
either then or how you can’t in the morning

It’s thirty years too late for such pore opening
unclothed and wearing
only the negative skinprint of my summer dress
across my shoulders
with nothing to save me
from exposure
to myself


  1. write a poem
    take off your clothes
    and truly naked pretend
    to still be dressed
    more poems in pockets
    happy to be seen through


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