Thursday, November 10, 2016

Richard Tipping - Everlasting Stone #6 - Object

Object, 1979 - black granite with engraved text. Dimensions say H 30 x W 40 x D 8 cm. The word play is between the object-ness of the granite 'thing', and the other meaning of 'object' as to protest or disagree. Post-object art is another name for conceptual art, sometimes called art-as-idea, a potent arena of practice in the 1970s. Here the 'idea' is a solid object, with a text which has no 'subject' or 'content' except the embedding of a 'delineation' (a 'marker'? a 'definition'?) of the self-contained thing-in-itself. So while being a conceptual work, is it conceptual art since it rests upon the power of the object? If the text instead means 'object to' (object to what? to the work?) then it is quite other. Shown at my solo exhibition Airpoet in 1980 at Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney. Another 'minimal poem' from the series The Everlasting Stone, 1976-2016. This photograph is more than documentation, it becomes the work itself. 
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