Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rob Schackne #132 - Stretching It

Stretching It

Stretching it until it breaks again and again, 
bending every weakness you find there, 
and sometimes tire of the enterprise. 
Used to believe that it was the language 
I was trying to change, learning how the tricks came. 
I watched very closely and quizzed the magicians of the word. 
One after another they told me they didn’t know.
One after another they told me they knew. 
They spoke sometimes of energy. 
Sometimes of the places they went. 
Some of a kind of music they had heard.
The best ones shook their heads, 
they said honestly they didn’t know what it was, 
or where it comes from or what the point is. 
They took another pull and said, 
don’t talk to me about utility. Just do it.
Can anyone learn to do it, I asked. 
They stared at me. 
No, not anyone. Some of it's pretty diabolical. 
But as soon as you can, walk your own dumb path.
No reason to get in everybody’s way.


  1. the last line, especially...!

  2. Love this piece Rob! The tension, the pace, the repetition - you definitely stretch it to breaking point - fabulous writing :)


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