Friday, November 4, 2016

Rob Schackne #135 - One Nil

One Nil

Round the corner the beat pyramid
the boys are hiding in a field of reeds
whispering about the slavers and the whips

at the nearest village steal some clothes
blend in learn their bloody language
(they say and they say other foolish things)

well we’re fit says one look at the muscles
gruel once a day another shakes his head
they spill our blood is how they pay us

never kiss your dear mother again
hieroglyphs of when she was my age
tattoo'd on my back I know how it hurts

avoid al-Mokattam that valley of bones
a snake will put an end to your moaning
stay away from the villages head for the hills

it’s rabbits you can’t ever catch just dust
blocks and sledges and ropes I hate them
captured years ago can’t stop shaking

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