Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rob Schackne #142, Mousai #7 - Eratô


Eratô, you’ve copied the erotic moment
We re-live our most intimate times
You showed us how depiction works
How words mount the page, aflame for
Readership, or the way a book opens up
How the poem makes her think of you

Ardor is mostly memory confused by time
You need me. And I need you. I want you
To take me somewhere I’ve never been before
We’ll be together by the slowing sea, waves
Will not represent but us, tumultuous
We won’t be led by a gentle hand to bed

How it takes you when you don’t expect it
Suddenly a flush of awareness, the stirring
Of the horse, need to enter, expansive
You comprise it all − you have gone erotic
There is only desire to be connected
O what a spinning steady rhythm!

You’ll block all but the most immediate
She’ll be there looking out from under
And you'll remember that it wasn’t like this
And you hope you never forget how to get there
And with a shout you find yourself in a distant place
Wherever that may be, neither of you comes back.


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