Saturday, November 26, 2016

Rob Schackne #170 - Cheshire Blues

Cheshire Blues

                    What the modern man wants is the grin 
                    without the cat, the sensation without the 
                    boredom of its conveyance. Paul Valéry

The sea without the shelf
the hat without the head
the music with no instruments
we already have that
the lovers without heartbreak
we already have that
the kiss without lips
her voice without a body

we already have that
the stops before a destination
the journey after reaching it
the white before the page
that's pretty difficult

the hot days without the sun
we already have that
conveyance without satisfaction
the grin without the cat
I'd like to see that
just once.


  1. hehehe I want to hear had me on the edge of my seat:)


    1. just back from a dinner party
      with a bunch of chinese poets
      who are no less severe than
      their western counterparts
      pissed as a garden hose
      at midnight local time

  2. A whole other way to look at things! Like it a lot.


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