Monday, November 14, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #305 Super Moon snob

they are advertising the Super Moon
it’s going to be big
all the hype all the info
is going to spoil it all

I want it just for me, and maybe you
if you’ll be quiet

I want to moonbake on its horizon
skinny dip in the path of light
silhouette to silhouette
kiss in its bright halo

I want the clicking tripoded crowd
to leave with their modest apertures

so go suck on your Nano Crystals
your long long lenses
your adjusting up your sweet spot

then it clouds and rains


  1. When I heard 60,000 people were going to turn up at Bondi Beach, I thought, there will just be the two of us here. As it turned out clear skies all day. No moon rising at allocated time, the clouds did not look heavy, they were just in the wrong spot. You know there's always tomorrow night when it will look almost the same (to us amateurs).

  2. OMG 60,000. True about tomorrow. I am definitely an amateur. And there is another almost as big super moon next month. We are blessed.

  3. Yes, a bit of a disappointment...the moon rise, not the poem. The poem is superb!


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