Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #313 Ow ow owey!

spiral down of ingrown hair
falling up the moving stair
long then longer hang nail tear

tooth chip fork in bloody gum
hammer hit poor black thumb
falling over one's own bum

eyelashing bloodshot red
pimple canal erupted
cover come off bed

cut of paper razor slit
unsightly evergrowing zit
clothes in which we do not fit


  1. That gave me a great laugh. Clever too.

  2. Lizz, when I was reading it out the poem I dropped the laptop on my knuckle which I am now icing - OWEY! Everyone thought I was just demonstrating, but it was real.

  3. reading this I fell off the roof and into the path of a moving train — owey!

  4. 'Ow' is right, Sarah, a paper cut hurts...


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