Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #312 all wound up

we're all wound up
like a coiled spring
Earth ready to fling
itself into far reaches
of the solar system
if the election goes
the wrong way

imagine the interstellar
news desk expressing
its disbelief that this
corner of this planet
could be so duped
so easily they'd be
making plans to cast
Earth into a black hole
never to be heard of again

the spider is ready to uncoil
her thread take that huge silky
leap from one leaf across
half a garden to another leaf
golden orb more beautiful
than all the elections
in the world


  1. I love the spider ending in contrast to the start. From the macro to the micro in one giant leap of faith...

  2. That spider is leaping to break the glass ceiling.


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