Friday, November 11, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #315 Muse of Tragedy Melpomene

in your boots you stomp around the stage
with your knife your club and that hideous mask
life is tragic enough without making it ugly too

your sting is like that of the bee whose honey
is sweet but the bite can kill that's how the tragic
arts are we are all engrossed in the story

meanwhile our lover has died of heartbreak
or lost dreams or serial disappointments
we all think we are immune to tragedy in our lives

until it strikes without warning like lightning
flash there is no way back we are all changed
by those moments when we had hoped for joy

Melpomene sing your dirges for me so that
I might haul myself up unwrap the cloths
split the hard chrysalis emerge transformed


  1. Beautiful. The touch, the timing, the delivery...the last image!

  2. Thans Rob, I'm still working on the Muses poems, thanks to your sequence. Will get there eventually.

  3. I'm enjoying these ones Susan. They speak so clearly with such a true voice.


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