Sunday, November 20, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #323 Muses are occupying

we move in under cover of darkness
with our blankets for the night
huddled in a dark corner

we are occupying the up-market
end of town where star arts
happen under the guise of excellence

the star arts receive funding
every year they drink cock-tails
they appear on television screens

we look like a bunch of hobos
we've come a long way
up from the dark caves

where we've been meeting
these last weeks so our rustic
attire is intentional

we say we represent
the arts at the edge of chaos
well beyond your horizon

in the darkest hour of the night
we begin our chant we draw
the spirit of rebellion to us

by morning all that is left
are a few leaves some woven threads
butterfly wings and small red hearts


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