Friday, November 18, 2016

Timothy Edmond #18

It was nice to be out of the war
and in a nice prisoner of war camp.
The camp was called
Palais Royale.
The guards were nice.
The food was nice.
The prisoners even tended
their own organic veggie garden
so extensive one could
be a vegetarian or even vegan.
My wife was there also
god bless her with her long
grey hippy hair.
There were activities also
to keep the mind active.
There were religious
cults one could join and even
one or two in development.
There was a ukulele
orchestra that played
a good rendition of “Suicide
is painless” when someone
No one seemed very interested
in escaping although there
were plenty of tunnels already
These were mainly used
by small teams who snuck
out to do bush regen work
in the surrounding remnant
native scrub.
And there was one spot
fenced in from the rest
where you could
In there you could always
find Fairweather and Dransfield
cooking up some crazy comedy
routine for talent night.
In the smoke spot also there
was a conversation that was
passed on from person to
person as they came and
To keep them vital
some of the men scoured the net for
parts for a split screen kombi
they were piecing together
from memory.
They allowed us two marijuana
plants each for medicinal purposes.
For talent night Fairweather
wearing a sarong like a cape
produced a PVC pipe variation of
a angklung and started playing it with a pair of thongs.
It sounded like an organic drum machine.
Dransfield prowled the stage wearing
a straw boater singing in a menacing
“I’m disable in the
I need a wheelchair
for the mind”
Fairweather’s eyes wild and
Dransfield’s long hand wiped
the sky.

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