Monday, November 7, 2016

Timothy Edmond #7

We took the train to
                We walked to the
beach to see the
sculpture in the
wild dunes.
Linda had a key to
one of the houses
a few blocks from
the sea.
                Once inside Steven
rolled a joint and
obliged us to smoke
somehow violating
the place.
                We went to a
restaurant overly
collectively run
back near the beach.
It was mussel season.
We worked our way
through a mountain
of mussels.
                This was the turning
of the season.
                We were still rugged up
seeing the Sun through
glass that housed us.


  1. Terrific, Timothy. Always on the edge.

  2. you poor bastard - having to smoke a joint
    ... there are limits to expat sympathy ya know


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