Saturday, May 27, 2017

Contribution #107 Claine Keily

"No contribution needed"
she said
but already her face
had turned green
because of all the visits
from all the ones
who arrived
to set things right

It reminded her of
the year her father
decided she was free
to roam about
and she Tie-Dyed her pillowcases
and could breathe
until she found at
the bottom of the staircase
all the wrappers from
the miniature candies
she had eaten
and a bill written in
her mother's hand


  1. A grand matriarchal game so neatly packed Claine.
    a case of the same old, same old struggle for power and the wounding.

  2. Yes Jefferee I have spent many years trying to articulate this power struggle. Thanks for your response.


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