Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 251 - Wrong Lover

Wrong Lover

I have no insight I can’t tell
about the small signs the little moments
in the conversation  in the chatter cupping
holding it like water
on a leaf

no sense of understanding of
the social building blocks
I lurch about   arms out
flailing   railing
to be free

of this impediment  I’m told of
 catch a scold for

see before I never saw it
 now can’t hardly let myself
ignore it  now
there’s you


  1. The title alone got me in! But then I found myself lurching about flailing railing ... and then being unable to ignore 'everything' anymore ...wrong lover, wrong signals ... will there be a right lover poem following lol?

  2. I'm living in a cooled lava field myself right now ...

  3. Through others eyes the centre moves focus shifts now there's


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