Friday, May 19, 2017

KIt Kelen #505 - where the light comes in

where the light comes in

dream shines still

a tender touch
when day's declared
perfect repose
shown stirring

in the moted beam toy

where the light comes in
leaves steam dew set

you find the trail
you're followed here

seek and hide
fine feathering
and spirit shown
see how the bark's engraved

you take the shadow of a bird for squirrel
just where the light got in

it leads to the blue

some certain words lit
less than writing
doubts set afire

an arc of flight
is gone
once read

the eye knows all

if the well ran dry
a moon would show

where the light comes in
won't it be summer enough?

we ourselves are of moment
we're the what's-revealed

truth falls by the way
where the light comes in
how faithless the eye
to light where it falls

perch and teeter, steady on

it's held in our hands
a moment
and haul

time stands with the thing itself

all rise to it
won't everyone sing?

aren't we playmates of the sunshine here?

won't we see the creatures charmed
wherever the light comes in?

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