Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kit Kelen #504 - I am always writing a poem

I am always writing a poem

it's my bliss
it won't matter where I am

this is the ache I must express

it's in each breath to be this way

I am a method always evolving

in bathtub, shed, by leaftwirl down

often I am best in bed
I am a hand out in the dark
and hoping

a poem is composing me

I am bled with these leeches

I am one little fish at a stretch

I am drawing from thin air
images already there

I am a tune stuck
in my own head

I am bent to
furrowing brow
here's how the lines
make a green field of me

I am driven
to share this affliction

I am always finding a way
in words through words
to words

all the best old gods are it
I make all my lies myself

I could never keep track

what comes to me?
where do I chase?

I am thunderstruck
snow about the temples
I am writing a poem

always in throes
and up against

I have fallen through cracks with it
tea first thing and yoga last

the terrier after
grey cloud unknowing

I am always losing a line
a poem is vanishing in my dream
and I bob up again

it's happening now
I am reciting my lines to myself
to anyone listening in

running writing
like water

I am at grips with
until the cows come roosting

will I surprise myself today
with nook and cranny
hammer, tongs

I am always writing a poem
there isn't much choice
in this


  1. it's an awl you need. I love this one, a tune stuck in your own head. Nice.

  2. I wish I was/had a tune stuck in my own head!


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