Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kerri Shying R #249 - Small boy child

Small boy child

you just made it to nine
before you made a rope choice
in the garage  it was your mother
with the washing wet
in her basket 
saw you first
like you saw her facebook posts
what rotten kids you were

I heard you were out running
in the streets
with a bad crowd
at nine  and people said
come and talk if you need to
as if you were an adult

and so you were
tall enough at least to reach
a rafter

tip and gone


  1. wow - that's a powerful one
    that should win a grief anthology prize without a doubt!

  2. Any kid
    about death
    would've done
    the same


  3. and awful of course
    and sad
    and tragic
    how long
    do you fight it
    some get off
    wrong time
    wrong world


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