Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kit Kelen #496 - the country in the tree

the country in the tree

the country in the tree's
a calling

as random as clouds
  that come

the blur of it is seeing

is nationality

all ceremony

and so all salute
the country up in branches


but a tree's baroque
hasn't every creature come

like sleep to know

a trick of words
to fall into the picture

of death abstract
can I call this mine?

there's nothing tidy in necessity
but every angle's there

the rise and shine
the other side unseen

the tree looks like an ache
it's not

it's all up with
roots wrestle stone

often the work is burned
and come to mother so

the country in the tree's all swoon
a scrap of wisdom wind flung

where the earth is joined
that's the tree come home

here's the idea of the fallen

how many were there?
how many are left?

so we are heroes
all who serve
the country in the tree


  1. Sublime, and that 'baroque' - how a word can hit you, and all 'heroes',

  2. Really like the solemnity of this tree and its branches metaphor.


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