Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Kristen de Kline #98 Some days

Some days     a scattered patch of blue
bleeds    through water colours

revving down the Monash    passing a black van
loaded with semi-automatics     paused in a parking bay

you circle down Lawless where dead men leave their hollow bones  
and Former People hoist up chrome car corpses

that gasp for air     take your  breath

Some days     you wake to Dvorjak's New World Symphony
gun fire     pelting
the end of the world as we know it
every rose has a thorn
life during wartime
stop    making     sense

Some days     unannounced, Josef K turns up at your front door
bangs on about being unlawfully detained

an unknown crime, a blotchy summons
words weep over a bright pink manila folder

on the desk in a lawyer's office    breathless
it's dire it's dire it's dire   he repeats     stubbing butts out

in a metallic retro ash-tray where a naked woman
reclines, lazily

Some days the living    break    things    up
a sudden kiss a slap on the cheek a double-bladed butcher's

knife stabs Mr. K's flesh   rotates
clock-wise     heart-strings tangle, wrangle    

as he whimpers his last words: "like a dog"

Some days    I wake up in the body of a cockroach    slurp
curdled milk gnaw mouldy bread    transfixed by sliced diced chopped

carrots cabbage potato    lingering on the kitchen floor
rotting waiting  rotting     like aimless extras from a sub-titled Russian movie

you saw when your world     crashed    at ten and a half
your Mother loved it     you didn't understand a word

Some days     you see a burst of
colour streak across darkened skies    

a flash of possibilities ripple past
the Gods smile    upon you    

colour   possibilities  scattered
patches of blue     some days


  1. hey - please, no stabbing mr k's flesh

    1. But that's what happens to him in The Trial - stabbed in the heart - where else?!

  2. Glorious, dear Kristen, even symphonic.

    1. Thanks Rob - must be the strains of Dvorjak bleeding through:)

  3. On some days I hope I'm going to be able to sit down and read the 'Lawless' book over, and over again. I'll have a sandwich for Mr K if he drops in.

    1. Thanks James - Mr K will be really appreciative of the sandwich after all the cockroach food heft out for him!

  4. personally I try to spend the least time I can before the law

    1. Totally agree Kit - the more time running from them the better!


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