Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kristen de Kline #95 Raining postcards (Thanks to Dear Mr Schackne & Kit)

Amethyst skies are raining postcards

I bent-double for a postcard somebody had dropped. I picked it up.
Leaves are being buried, it said, bodies tickled by random foliage

The letter came six months after my birthday     my dearest girl, he scrawls
did you ever get the drawing I sent?
a thousand light years from here   the rim of a volcano   a bright red Coke can
crushed under a Converse sneaker

I've been told that time might enter the picture    might visit me,
raw          if I wasn't raw, would you deep-fry my limbs
throw my torso in a hangi pit    snow-coat me with ashes,
from roll-your-owns     read Bukowsi and Burroughs
at my wake
drink tequila
out of shot-glasses
engraved with cactus's

I saw another postcard that had fallen from the skies. I picked it up.
Don't know I can go on for much longer, it said, the days are numbered.

inside your lighthouse you were making an empty bottle all the others were making ships and trains and stations yours looked empty just sitting there going nowhere please get us out of this world alive tell me that dreams aren't always the same
can I take up residence in the bottle lighthouse dream     please  
shower me with light  
subdued, emptied out

Another postcard:
Have you found the perfect place to bury strangers?

I'm losing the thread   how did we get to be
so old    is it too     raw     too late

The last postcard, I think. It slaps me in the face
writing, scrawly, blue, manic:
Where do a thousand corpses live?

was it the seasons     love
something     someone
wasn't running
on time



  1. Beautiful. I will admit to a tear.

    1. Rob, the postcards, the lighthouses - and everything you wove through them - were way too good to only have one posting. They needed to have a bit of lawlessness breathed nto them - and multiple appearances - at least:)

  2. so powerful this postcard and idea.. +++

    1. Thanks Jeffree - it was Rob that kick started it with his beautiful and oh so poignant words - but it's been fun running with it too!


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