Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 244 - Grunge Chris (rip)

Grunge Chris
 ( rip)

He died
not like someone came into the room
said  you can go now

or like the bus to the other place
was seen
gathering speed
up by the 7/11
and he had to run

no time
for that last bite
of the too sugary donut
always the cinnamon
just forget Crispy Crème
for him

someone at the wake committee
will be scribbling
no filled donuts
in American
on a screen with a stylus
while elsewhere

you just cry


  1. put it in the Grieve comp, Kerri!

    and may I ask - are you directly referring to Forbes' Dransfield ?
    or is that a case of Quincy Dints?

  2. Ah, listening to Black Hole Sun all day...

  3. Yes, can't stop listening to Black Hole Sun either... too young and too soon ...a great goodbye poem :)


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