Friday, May 12, 2017

KitKelen #498 - it looks like an error, it's how the thing grows

it looks like an error
it's how the thing grows

how it goes
like text in the cracks

each twig
each bud
taunts understanding

the sky comes into it
so much known
never twice the same

even cloudless
there is something coming

God made to make perfect
isn't the problem this word?

we stand under

time gone is all towards this

like light bent
any prism does

it's daylight shows
the flaws

for instance
in the seeing face

eternity hasn't got an eye

how did we come to be so old?

it's like a line of coast
how we have a house to stand

you'd think a flag would fly
limp as the words that hold it up

because of the caveats
you never finish saying

home let's say

the only error is to call

my indiscretion's poetry
let more leaves bury
let breezes wash away

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