Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rob Schackne #333 - Almost A Postcard

Almost A Postcard

Where aggression rules
big city men push ahead

anger is what befalls them
little people are astounded

the country girls are moving
suzhi suzhi look at her hands

babies sold in the provinces
the protest in the north-west

sunrise is a gentle promise
everyday like the river tides

and the hard city protects us
the way cars protect bicycles

the terror of one child failing
30,000 fingers lost in a year

the small collapses into the big
the sun sets quickly into the sea

(tongues ever spoke like eyes
we would all be undone)


  1. yes, this stolen children in China thing really needs attention in the English language ... the scale of it is breathtaking


    1. Sure. Yes. Where everything
      needs fixing. Lots of convincing.

    2. the title is great! Dark sarcastic humor, but this needs to be said and spread.

  2. How a post card runs with tears - great poem - the subject so sad


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