Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Kit Kelen #510 - on the bright side

on the bright side

here I am
here's light to let in

all the yet to do
and all the yet to be

all good
much thanks

not to mention
how far I've come

and here's what I have to get on with

these little failures of the machine
'nobody died' – they say
but that can't have true for long

still the sun
takes up its summer

and here's a cloud tucked under
where the garden prays for rain

and so the colours come

on the bright side
where the light lets in

at a price I can afford

all unbidden
the music comes
as if a neighbour knew

a march
a minuet
a pose struck for my statue

best medicine
this laughter

and staring down the barrel
how a tunnel's end brings light

things truly lost
won't bother again

here's hindsight
and you see
it was all
a warmup

one does a pirouette

go on
in ordure
know the nose works well

and where the light gets in
under the cloud of flies
the sun shines steaming
into the cowpat

it is shaped in elaborate ways
the artist could only emulate
minutely detailed
creviced, much travelled
where the ants take down

and soon
and so soon

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