Monday, May 22, 2017

Rob Schackne #341 - "All we tell ourselves"

All we tell ourselves
it is mostly secrets elided
like the plug on a neon sign
the specifics of which
I won't bore you with
they are everywhere now
the climb up the tower
when late the traffic dimmed
the inch by inch to the top
where sat the ugly thing
scattered newspapers and shit
there's no fumble when lawless

tonight with Thor's hammer
quick tug smash goodnight nurse
climb down sleep like an angel


  1. Fabulous Rob - can picture this so vividly - climbing up the tower, traffic dimming, inching along to the top and climbing back down again. All we tell ourselves - yes indeed!

    1. The names have been changed to protect the etc.


    2. The names are always changed Rob - especially for the lawless amongst us!

  2. We tell ourselves all kinds of things without realising we're doing it - listening in is one reason we write I suppose...


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