Friday, April 29, 2016

28.4.2016 (#118): Voice of Bicycle Wheels by Myron Lysenko (after Kevin Brophy)

the voice of bicycle wheels
singing the way back home in the dark

the light torch in my hand too weak to reach the footpath
which winds its way down the hill

past the paddock of trees destroyed by bulldozers
the voices of trunks lying dumped on clay

the pit at the edge getting bigger and deeper
with its gloomy bass notes so low below the  murder

remembering cockatoos and ravens in their branches
when they stood not so long ago so tall above the grasses and rocks

swimming towards the creek in the depth of the valley
waiting for the next hundred year flood

whose song has not been heard for so long now
the rocks hot tempered at the way they’ve been captured

in big piles under this disapproving moon
singing its way through the clouds coming off the mountain

trying to break free
straining for the right notes to capture this war


  1. 'the right notes' Myron! Beautifully evoked melancholy with just an edge of anger - moving.


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