Friday, April 29, 2016

Melinda Smith #29 Health, on notice

Health, on notice
(another found Hansard poem, Wed 4 April 1962)

Has the Minister's attention been drawn to
a report by the Royal College of Surgeons
after an investigation extending over three years,
that the death rate from lung cancer
rises steeply with the increasing consumption of cigarettes
and that heavy cigarette smokers
may have 30 times the death rate of non-smokers?

What action does the Minister propose
to warn the Australian community ?

The Minister for Health has furnished the following replies:

The Royal College of Physicians is a most eminent body
its opinions have to be given very great weight.

The results of their study point to the need for a much greater
understanding by our young people
of the risks associated with smoking. It would be an excellent thing if
adequate instruction were provided in educational institutions,
especially high schools,
regarding the possible dangers to health resulting from smoking.

Properly explained information
would enable young people to be well
informed regarding the risks involved

before they commence smoking.

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