Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Robert Verdon, #124, What am I?

cleaning out
my kitchen drawers,
the Wollemi pines
in the Botanic Gardens,
chatting to the (same?) currawong
who keeps coming in the window,
wrestling with words
and mental figments,
plotting revolution —

clearly I am a lunatic,
whose only real function
is to feed two greedy cats!


  1. hang in there, Robbie! :) That currawong is a clever bugger, plotting revolution. Is it the incontinent currawong?Quite the star, in my mind.

  2. I thought it was me doing all the wrestling and fantasising and plotting, but it might well be the currawong! Not quite as incontinent this time, just pooed on a book cover. I think it loves me!

  3. That is really funny, Robbie. Lovely whimsical poem, too.


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